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Rich Dad Poor DadHis Rich Dad Poor Dad used two main characters to portray the philosophy of any individual regarding job, career and financial decisions.

One was his real dad and the other was his best friend’s dad. Former dad was well educated, yet poor while latter dad was high school dropout, yet rich businessperson.

These two individuals followed different ideology and recommended him to follow their footstep accordingly.

investing Poor dad never seemed to have interest in money. He never wanted to become rich as he always thought, ‘ is risky’. He always recommended his son to go to school,score good grades,engaged in a handsome job and ultimately pave a safe path for his future.

However, this was not the case with his rich dad. Rich dad wanted to earnRobert Kiyosaki Books Secret quadrantabundance of money and wanted to be financially free. He wanted to donate in charities, create jobs in the community, travel all round the globe and ultimately become a financially stable individual. He recommended him to go to school, graduate from the school and build his own business in the way of becoming the successful investor.

His poor dad suffered throughout his life and faced the continuous problem of weekly pay checks, never successfully met the demand of his family. Seen this, Robert followed the footsteps of his rich dad and consequently retired at the age of 47.

You have the options, option of being financially free or the option of being financially curtailed.

The decision is yours.

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