Unfair Advantage Book

Unfair Advantage BookUnfair Advantage is another book that is immensely suggested by its critiques.

Robert Kiyosaki books never let you down and this book even takes you to the higher level.

This is also not a quick guide to becoming reach instantly, yet it teaches you to increase your earnings rapidly.

Most importantly it is you who should pay attention to his teachings.

This book isn’t a continuation of his previous work and it describes a lot regarding to financial literacy and training. Modern and fresh view of Rich Dad is presented with new perspective.

It also explains why rich people continue to earn in spite of financial distress. Nobody is in advantageous or disadvantageous position.

You should believe that you have an option and you are ready for any sorts of struggle. His explanation of education and its measurable result along with unfair advantage of financial knowledge is crucial for his readers to get accompanied with.

Robert Kiyosaki books are educational, ingenuous and precious. They are also making people aware about this teachings, but if you aren’t able to see the picture from different perspective, his books don’t lead to fruition.

His explanations aren’t a financial secret but the real and honest voice of someone who continuously practiced what he preached.

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The Business of the 21st Century Book

Portfolio of Robert Kiyosaki books got toughens with the addition of the book, ‘The Business of the 21st Century’ in 2010.

In this book, he followed objective procedure to analyze the perspective of network marketing.

Ideas are proposed and supported with valid reasons.

He spoke in favor of network marketing and its’ effectiveness in building asset portfolio that ultimately permits for financial freedom.

He explains that the previous thought of industrial age financial success has been outdated and now it’s Information age which rules the financial market.

With this explanation he moves to the second part of his book where he explains about the network marketing and its importance in present context.

The concept on new economy is created step by step with the help of strong foundation.

This book describes to the point topics and ideas. It describes what actually is necessary for a business to succeed in today’s economy.

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Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing Book

Next entry to Robert Kiyosaki books was Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing.It was the final version of his Rich Dad Poor Dad trilogy.

It was written for those people who planned to be successful in their career. By successful he meant financially free, i.e. rich person B and I quadrant was its’ core perspective.

This book was addressed to those people who are operating or planning to operate from B or I quadrant.

This book can be said as the first book that facilitates middle class people on the way of becoming a rich person. This book doesn’t follow the exact investment decision protocols. It also doesn’t give the exact answer to – Which mutual fund is better to invest on?

However, it foretells his rich fathers’ teaching of how to minimize risks and yet gain ultra-high returns. He teaches that money isn’t a necessary factor while making money.

He also explains how planning is more crucial while propelling ahead. He is not providing the list of quick money making tips.

You should plan and implement your ideas step by step and ultimately u will be navigated to success.

The most important aspect of this book is the concept of  Selling Investor. Kiyosaki recommends you to create such an investment that will push public to acquire the share even at premium.

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Cashflow Quadrant Book Review

Cashflow Quadrant was another mile stone in the collection of  Robert Kiyosaki books.

It was the second part of  Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This book portrayed the vision of four different types of  people. Their beliefs, their businesses, and reasons for falling in each quadrant are explained with precision.

It talked about four letters E (for employee), S (self employed), B (for business owner) and I (for investors). Each of us reside in at least one of the four quadrant represented by E, S, B and I.

You can find financial freedom from any of the quadrants, but those financial goals can be grabbed quickly via B or I quadrant.

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